Welcome to Esther Bornand’s website, Master Luthier,

Serving musicians and instruments for over 20 years. Esther Bornand, a luthier with a Federal Master’s degree, is at your service for any repairs or adjustments to your violin, viola, cello, double bass, and bow.

A selection of violin, viola, and cello cases is available for sale at my workshop, as well as all the accessories for these instruments.

Master violins and bows, as well as student instruments, are available for purchase.

  • Sound adjustments for instruments
  • Major repairs or maintenance
  • Excellent bow rehairing
  • Buying and selling of stringed instruments
  • Sale of all accessories
  • Instrument rental
  • Quotations, appraisals, and advice

Member of the Swiss Association of Luthiers and Bow Makers (ASLA/SVGB).

Member of the Association of Luthiers and Bow Makers for the Development of Instrument Making (ALADFI / France).

Member of the British Violin Making Association (BVMA / England).

Expert for the Examinations at the School of Violin Making in Brienz (LAP / CFC).


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